The Genius of Gena Rowlands

Do any of you have a copy of this DVD? If so, I’d like to know what are the scenes that are on here (142mins) that are not on the 126 min cut (which is the only cut that I’ve seen). Also, does this DVD have any special features? Thanks!

LOVE STREAMS coming out next week, August 12, from The Criterion Collection

Top: Akira Kurosawa’s version of events

Bottom: John Cassavetes’ version

"I adore the neo-realists for their humaneness of vision. Zavattini is surely the greatest screenwriter that ever lived. Particularly inspirational to me when I made Shadows were La Terra Trema, I Vitelloni, Umberto D and Bellissima. The neo-realist filmmakers were not afraid of reality; they looked it straight in the face. I have always admired their courage and their willingness to show us how we really are. It’s the same with Godard, early Bergman, Kurosawa and the second greatest director next to Capra, Carl Dreyer. Shadows contains much of that neo-realistic influence."

- John Cassavetes

Found on Etsy.
Found on etsy.

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