Opening Night(オープニング・ナイト)(1978; John Cassavetes)


Mikey & Nicky 1976 Starring John Cassavetes & Peter Falk


Love Streams (1984) 


John and I were at a Laker game, and John got into a beef with a guy seven rows in front of us. They were going at it pretty good, trading remarks—the crowd was now following their exchange when the guy in front suddenly turned, pointed at John, and said, ‘Do me a favor—go fuck yourself.’ John instantly shot back, ‘Stand up and say that.’ The guy stood up, 6’2”, looked down at John, and said, ‘Go FUCK yourself.’

John, ever the director, said, ‘Now sit down and say it.’

The crowd roared—so did I—even the 6’2” guy broke into a smile as he started his downward journey.


- Peter Falk, Just One More Thing (via johngarfields)


Husbands (dir. John Cassavetes, 1970)


"Love is a stream, it’s continuous, it does not stop".


Meeting of the Mothers in Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)

with Gena Rowlands, Seymour Cassel, Lady Rowlands and Katherine Cassavetes

Written and Directed by John Cassavetes

I have a soft spot for this gorgeous madcap comedy about finding love and although this scene is a spoiler, it is such a fine and funny moment featuring the mothers of Cassavetes and Rowlands that I have to blog it. So watch it, and then track down the film…

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The Genius of Gena Rowlands


I wrote about Cassavetes’ LOVE STREAMS but also about love in general, about Gena and John, and what it means to be a woman on the brink.