"I don’t direct a film. I set up an atmosphere and the atmosphere directs the film."

- John Cassavetes


Love Streams (1984) - John Cassavetes


"I was a woman with a plan. I knew the only thing, that could really stopped me, in my opinion, was to fall in love.

I went in, at lunch, to put my books in the locker and I got to the doorway and … I saw John Cassavetes, and I thought : oh, oh damn! No, no, no. No!

That’s just exactly what I don’t want.”


- Gena Rowlands on her first meeting with John Cassavetes  (via thewomanfrommars)

Opening Night (John Cassavetes, 1977)

“I asked John, ‘What is it that makes one cameraman better, what quality is it?’ And John said, ‘For me, it’s the skin. When I wanna reach out and touch the skin, the cameraman has done his work.” — Gena Rowlands 

Jeannie, do me a favor. Don’t be silly anymore. Just be yourself.

Faces (1968) dir. John Cassavetes

John and Sam. 1984.

"We need love like food, water and air and we don’t know how to get it. And that’s our struggle."

- John Cassavetes (via man-of-prose)


    Cassavetes on Cassavetes.

"… sometimes I thought about her fighting and I would think, “Why doesn’t she just accept being a woman and be glad about it? Why doesn’t she stop asking herself all these questions? Why be so pig-headed and only see one side of things?” If only she had a sense of humor!’ I thought, ‘Go out. Enjoy yourself. Have a good time. Find a man, spend the night together. Do something, for God’s sake!’ But she hangs onto what she feels is important to her in spite of all the unpleasantness it creates. That’s what makes her so special. She hangs onto her ideas. And in the end she’s proven right. Though there’s no real need to do it. In the end, she doesn’t even get anything. She only gets what makes her happy. I find that moving.”
— John Cassavetes from Cassavetes on Cassavetes


Love Streams (1984)